IMG_2982_About TGAThe Guwahati Address is set as a Temple of Hospitality amidst the hustle and bustle of the Guwahati urbanscape. The atmosphere inside exudes an aura of calm and spiritual serenity that grasps the visitor in a warm embrace and a welcome smile. As the unsuspecting visitors walk past the high stone walls marking the entrance and amble under the pyramidical glass porch one steps up onto hand-cut spotted grey granite stone risers leading to a glass wall entrance. Upon entering the lobby you are greeted by a forest of handsome circular wooden columns standing as sentinels on either side. While the floor of the hall is a meandering stream of soft Sicilian marble, the ceiling is a river of colours of stain glass flowing past atop a series of wooden trusses. All the elements are intricately crafted, merging in harmony and creating a surreal interpretation of mother nature.

This ultimately leads on to the sanctum, a concierge crafted in a curve of Cherrapunji stones, tabled by a flowing teak top. The eye is then arrested, to examine the pinnacle of this axis, the centre of this gravity, manifest in a painting of a traditional Bihu dancer, portrayed in a nuance of graphic art rendition.IMG_2832_Homepage

In the restaurant which is a dining area with an attached bar one is struck by a collage of frames depicting various textiles of the region, juxtaposed one to the other on a wall, presiding over the diners whose spirits are further enhanced by an exquisite designer copper chandelier suspended on the other end of the hall.

Moving to the next level, along the wide, irregular, minimalist corridor of the room floor, is like a walk in the park with colourful lights adorning the walls. On entering the room one is transported to an old world charm of hand crafted Assam teak and local timber furniture set in rooms which speak eloquently of yesteryears but with an accent of 21st century modernity.

Someone remarked that if you chose to live in vernacular ambience of the region but with 5 star amenities.... This is It!....

The Guwahati Address by Centre Point.

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